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Doing Without Expecting

A quote from Opening the Hand of Thought, Approach to Zen, by Kosho Uchiyama.

" 'I haven't been doing zazen because I want to make it into something salable. I've been leading a life of zazen for thirty years, but for the first twenty, I was completely ignored by the world. I practiced zazen in obscurity and poverty with hardly enough to eat. But just by doing zazen, I was able to discover the meaning of my own life even in those circumstances. During the last ten years, people who are sympathetic with my attitude toward zazen have come to join me in sitting, but even now I haven't the slightest intension of making zazen into a salable product. I'm just doing my own zazen. For you, too, painting the pictures you like is your life. Shouldn't just that be your greatest joy?' She understood completely and left with a bright look on her face."

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